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Mexican Drum Roll Wave 🌊

By January 24, 2024Blog
This drumming game is a fun way to engage your students and promote collaboration.
It requires active listening and teamwork. Plus, it always sparks a few laughs.


The aim is to pass a wave of sound around the circle to create a cool sonic effect.
*Variation: passing a physical action around the circle.


Arrange students in a circle and give each of them a drum or percussion instrument.
You can ask your students to think about the group as a body of water.Β They are all one. And slowly a ripple of water turns into a giant wave.

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🌊 One student starts by softly playing a roll of fast notes.

🌊 The player to the left joins in, adding another layer to the roll.

🌊 They followed by the next player, and so on.

🌊 The wave of vibrations builds as it moves through the group.

🌊 The wave continues around the circle until everyone is playing.

Bonus round:Β The wave can then go around the group a second time, except this timeΒ each player stops drumming and the wave slowly fades.

Reflective Discussion:

After the activity, gather the students for a reflective discussion.
Ask them about their experience, what they noticed, and how the activity helped them to work together and stay focused.

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