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HUMANS of DJEMBE – Part 11- Amos Gabia

By April 20, 2016Blog

humans of djembe 11“Music has been part of me since my childhood in Ghana. I would sing and play on buckets around me all the time. I was always singing so people would yell at me because I was disturbing them. I sang so much that my classmates gave me the nickname, “Ola” which means “You sing” in the Ga language.

When it was time to join a group, I joined three groups at the same time. I learned to play all different types of drums. I played some of the Ghanaian drums like the kpanlogo, the Ewe set, as well as the djembe. Drumming made me feel so good.

While working at the Coca Cola Company, I knew something important was missing from my life. I knew I needed to go back to playing music. People thought I was crazy to leave that job because it was a good opportunity but they didn’t know that by doing what I love, I would be who I am today. Music has allowed me to meet amazing people. I played with the Salaka Ensemble and worked with the Rhythm Power Tour (Ekome Tour) and through the music and tour I have met hundreds of amazing people with different hearts in music.

This experience made me realize that wherever musicians gather, there are always smiling faces and peace. This has made me believe that music is a soul food. Music does not have an enemy. It doesn’t matter if you are young or old, it doesn’t matter what color you are, music brings people together.

Without music, I would not have the lovely wife that I have today. I am so blessed to know amazing people like Simon, Gigi, and so many others. Through drumming, I was able to spend 6 months in Australia performing and teaching. Now I live in New York City where I perform and teach kids and adults drumming. I always spread the message to DRUM WITH FEELING!”