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HUMANS of DJEMBE Part 9 – Dave Hickey

By April 15, 2016Blog

humans of djembe 9“In 2009 I came to Australia, landing in Melbourne in February. I went to the St Kilda night markets that very first week, which was where I seen my first ever drum circle. I was immediately drawn to the sound of the drums.

I moved into an apartment on Grey St, not far from the old African Drumming HQ. Always hearing the sounds coming out of the shop, I convinced 3 of my Irish friends to come along for classes. With My first hit of a Djembe, I was hooked!!

Been shown and taught the correct way to hit the drum, I was so focused and obsessed with wanting to become a half decent player. I done two terms of classes that year, but left Australia to finish off my travels around the world that had been already booked. I didn’t know what I was doing after that, whether I would return to Oz or stay in Ireland. But I just couldn’t get drumming and what I had learnt out of my head! I wanted more!!

So I returned to Melbourne, mainly to learn more of this African drumming I had indulged myself in. I bought my first djembe as soon as I returned and immersed myself into the music. The following year I booked to go to Ghana, west Africa with Simon and his tour.

What an experience, an eye opener, and a heart opener! 6 years later, I’m still as fascinated by the music of west Africa and still feel I’ve so much more to learn! It’s a never ending process, always learning, always developing. Not only has drumming given me life lessons and something to focus on, it opened me up to a whole new community. I’ve made some unbelievable friends through it.

I’ve also made some great connections at home in Ireland too, where I see a growing community there too. It truly is a universal community. All sharing the same passion for west African music. With everyone continuing to grow and learn, but most of all, having fun! And that’s what it’s all about”