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By November 15, 2016Blog

humans-of-djembe-39“When I moved to New Zealand from the UK nearly 20 years ago I really wanted to learn to drum along to all the beats I had been dancing to on the clubbing scene in the UK.

A friend directed me to some Djembe classes in Tauranga and I have been jamming out ever since.
We formed our own group in called Tambour then I moved to Auckland and started teaching weekly classes and played with a new group called Bobingi.

Multiple workshops and weekend retreats strengthened my love and ability on this amazing instrument. After 2 years traveling around the world with my partner on returning to New Zealand I decided to make drumming my life.

Rhythm for the Soul ( was born, interactive music session to teach life skills along with drumming its self.
Since then the development of the business, the results it delivers and the participants has blown my mind.


Have a look at the promo video if you like: