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HUMANS OF DJEMBE Part 30 – Jessica May ( Melb)

By September 22, 2016Blog



“A little while ago my mum told me that my first kick was felt when she was at a concert and the drums started up.

This made sense as I have always had a deep love for music. When I was five I took up dancing, my favourite style was tap dancing because I was also able to make music with my feet!

For a little while during high school I started drum kit lessons and even found my way into a girl’s band. After only a few short months parties took priority over practising and that was the end of the band and the drums.

More than ten years later after experiencing a few personal tragedies I sent myself into a deep meditation to find out what my soul was longing to do. What would bring that spark for life back? My whole being was yelling “DRUMMING!”.. So the next day I went on a google search and found African Drumming!

It only took me five minutes of playing to know that I had been lead to this point for a reason and I was hooked! Whether I am playing the djembe, duns, shaker or bell I feel a happiness inside that is indescribable. Following my intuition to African drumming kick started a new chapter in my life, reignited my passion for learning about all music, got my booty shaking again and has also lead me to many new and amazing friendships with people I may have never crossed paths with otherwise.”