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HUMANS of DJEMBE Part 28 – Danielle van Zuilekom ( Melb)

By September 22, 2016Blog

humans-of-djembe-28“My older brother is a kit drummer, I grew up with him and his mates playing as a band in our family home garage. During this time my brother taught me simple rhythms and I believe this is where my love for drumming started.

Fast forward to July 2012 which is when I discovered the djembe and my love of drumming quickly turned into a passion! I had my first drum lesson with Kosta Michalopolous, who is a wonderful teacher and drummer – Two weeks later I bought my first djembe and I haven’t looked back! I’ve also had the pleasure of learning under Simon Fraser, Jeremy Prentice, Michael Biewer and Amadou Kalissa, who have all inspired me & continue to do so.

The djembe to me, is a powerful instrument – It continually challenges me, it has given me self-confidence and I have developed so many wonderful friendships! I feel blessed to have discovered this beautiful instrument and the community spirit that comes with it!”