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HUMANS of DJEMBE – Part 25 – Matty Coad ( Melb)

By August 16, 2016Blog

humans of djembe 25“I started my voyage into Djembe around 6 years ago when i started training under Alena Schneider. After 2 lessons i went to the shop and bought my first djembe. After my first Tribalism i was hooked and ive never looked back. Currently i am training under Simon in the advanced class and playing with Sessi Sessi.

What really appealed to move on that first Tribalism was the sense of music as being something created by a community. That we played music for each, rather than the normal performer/audience relationship.

And in Sessi Sessi that “tradition” is still very much alive. Whenever we go out to a gig we always bring extra instruments for members of the public to play. In the middle of a performance we might have little dance or drumming workshops so we can bring as many people into the band as we can. Either in a drumming circle or up on stage with us. And its great to see the looks on people as they start to feel that they are not just a part of making music, they are a part of making good music.

After 6 years this getting “everyone in” to make music is still my favorite aspect of djembe”