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HUMANS OF DJEMBE – Part 19 – Kezza Sleep ( Adelaide)

By June 16, 2016Blog

humans of djembe 20

“My djembe journey began 7yrs ago at a ‘ Wellbeing Retreat’ weekend. One of the modalities was drumming. Brooke had our group lay in an arc, head to head around the base of her massive djembe she had elevated on a stand. She played a native American drumbeat, the soundwaves moved every cell in my body!

I ‘fiddled’ at drumming for a couple of years then my friend n I rocked up for a weekend of drumming at ‘Sokil’…omg, 2nd awakening. This diverse group of cool people could drum! I loved everything about that weekend, fun & energy in drum classes & campfire but most of all, finally i understood it did not matter that i had no musical experience or knowledge, i could learn all i need to know as I go.

My brain has changed, i wake up in the night with new neural pathways pinging my brain! I swear I dream awesome grooves & solos… in the morning, they escape me! I love that so many of my friends have embraced learning to drum, that i can continue to share this beautiful journey with new & old friends for the rest of my life, thanks guys!” ( that’s Kezza on the right)