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Check out our sister company Bashiri!

By June 6, 2022Blog

If you love African Drumming you’ll love our sister company Bashiri. Here you’ll find every Bolga basket you can think of as well as African masks, mats, musical instruments, jewellery and more. Check out the website here

Bashiri offers a wide range of woven baskets and products including Moses baskets, round baskets, laundry baskets, African masks, African fabrics, African fans, musical instruments and more.
Our popular Bolga baskets are hand-woven from the sustainably sourced elephant grass that grows in the rich flood plains around the village of Bolgatanga in Ghana, West Africa. The soft malleable grass is 100% locally sourced and the dyes we use to colour the woven baskets are 100% non toxic. Each weaver has their own special techniques. Bolga baskets may take 3 days to one week to make depending on the size, design and intricacy of the patterns. We are in awe of the artists that weave these unique woven baskets and love the relationships we have established with them. Explore our unique and one of a kind Bolga baskets at