humans-of-djembe-29“I first got hooked on African drumming in 2005 when I was asked to play a 44 gallon drum for a corporate interactive drumming workshop as part of a 4 piece African group. I simply had to play a solid beat.

I loved watching the facilitator holding the space while all participants drummed together. Its power blew me away. Then the facilitator gave the nod to Sibo Bangoura, a Guinean djembe player, to improvise while the room played. I couldn’t believe my ears…the sweet sounds of tones and slaps, I was hooked on the energy, the power, the connecting of community and the level playing field it gave participants to create beautiful music together, no matter what their ability or status.

I am still a facilitator corporate and community drum circles, but focus most of my time working with kids with special needs. Its incredible how powerful drumming is from a therapeutic approach”