Indo range

The smallest and cheapest adult sized drum we recommend is the 60cm Plus djembe  
This djembe works well for shorter people, but can be too short for medium to tall people.
It is our most popular djembe in the Indo Range

Second grade range

If you are on a budget, our Second grade djembes may best suit.
Authentic hand carved djembes with cosmetic imperfections.
Sounding great and with the same warranty as our first grade djembe range, there is a bargain to be had here!

African hardwood djembes

Ghana range

The Ghana range is our most puplar
These authentic African djembes strike a great balance between sound quality, aesthetics, and price.
They come in a range of sizes with beautiful carvings and other colourful design features.
Generally lighter in weight too for easy portability.

Master & Primo range

Next are the West African Hardwood djembes, which we call “drums for life”.
Immaculately hand-carved in West Africa and finished here in our workshop, using the finest skins and materials.
The first tier is the Primo Series
Our top-line range is The Master Series,
with pure tonal range and projection

Authentic African djembes

Standard height range: 60cm – 65cms tall.
When seated, the rim of the drum should be a couple of
inches above the thigh. The rim shouldn’t be below or
level with your leg, nor more than 4 inches above it

For beginners we reccomend thin or medium skins.
Thinner skins are more responsive and easier on the hands.

 Standard head is 12”. Look for 11”-14”, depending on your hand size.

The shell should be made from a single piece of timber.
Entry level drums tend to be made from medium density
woods. Premium djembes are carved from hardwoods,
lending wide and rich tonal ranges from skilled carvers.

Some drums have the hide overlapping the rim,
a Guinean aesthetic style of skinning and has no effect
on the sound. Rubber tread is often added to the base for
protection as a shock absorber and to prevent slipping.

We can send you a video with selected djembes, chosen for you.

We’d be happy to help you find your first Djembe – how exciting!
Send us your details below, it’s a fast and easy way to hone in on the best drum for you.