Brianna Slattery and Laura Kirkwood present six sessions at African Drumming’s St.Kilda studio as part of our updated 2020 Teachers’ Professional Development Programme. Come to just one, a few, or all of them! These fun and accessible sessions let you explore African songs, rhythms and instruments for use in teaching Kindergarten, Primary & Secondary level students.
Expand your repertoire to engage your students with new and exciting games, moves, and melodic content! You’ll get to use some cool African instruments and we will provide reference material for you to take home. You will also receive a digital Certificate of Completion.
Explore our 2020 Sessions using the tabs below.

March 28th 2020 – Facilitator: Brianna Slattery
10am-12pm: Games for Djembe
1pm-3pm: Games for Small Percussion

Games for Djembes
Explore fun and interactive games for the djembe that help develop auditory, visual, kinaesthetic, language and social skills. You’ll come away loaded with lots of great games and inspiring ideas that you can incorporate into your drumming sessions.

Games for Small Percussion
There’s lots of fun to be had with shakers, bells and other small percussion! Explore a range of dynamic games that feature the use of a variety of different percussion instruments. These games are all about being creative with resources, designing learning opportunities that are accessible to a range of students and incorporating a variety of instruments into rhythm-based learning.

June 13th 2020 – Facilitator: Laura Kirkwood
10am-12pm: West African Songs
1pm-3pm: West African Dance

West African Songs
African songs are perfect for exploring music with children. They tend to use simple melodies, are great for harmonising and make excellent choral pieces, as they are songs composed for group/social settings. Structurally, African songs tend to use a lot of repetition and often incorporate elements of call-and-response, which makes them easy to learn and teach!

West African Dance
No prior dance experience is necessary! We’ll explore dance routines that are easy to teach and fun to explore. In African culture, dancing serves important social functions. There are dances of welcome, love, rites of passage, mourning and hunting – all of which pass down cultural information. Incorporating West African class into your teaching is a great way to energise your students, release tension and explore rhythms.

August 22nd – Facilitator: Brianna Slattery
10am-12pm: Drumming for Social Connectivity
1pm-3pm: Drumming for Mindfulness 

Drumming for Social Connectivity
Drumming is a powerful vehicle for encouraging skill development around a range of social skills. Through engaging in a range of drumming games and facilitation techniques we will investigate how the drum can be utilised to teach valuable social skills such as cooperation and teamwork, effective communication, strong body language and positive interaction.

Drumming for Mindfulness
Explore how rhythm can be utilised to facilitate the practice of mindfulness. Drumming is an excellent activity for relieving stress and focusing the mind. This session will include facilitation techniques and ideas for leading drumming sessions that calm and centre the mind.

Rates Per Person. Each Session lasts two hours (10am-12pm and 1pm-3pm, all dates).

One Half Day – Single Session: $110 + GST
One Full Day – Two Sessions: $200 + GST
Two Full Days – Four Sessions: $370 + GST
Three Full Days – Six Sessions: $500 + GST

Bookings for single sessions across multiple days (eg. one session on each of the three dates) will be charged at the Single Session rate.

African Drumming HQ

252 St Kilda Rd, St Kilda VIC 3182

Saturday parking is free on St Kilda Road directly outside our premises. Alternatively, there are usually spaces around the corner on Farmer St.

The Australian Professional Standards for Teachers

Designed for both generalist and specialist teachers, our PD sessions will address the following from the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers:

2.1 – Content and teaching strategies of the learning area.
3.3 – Use teaching strategies.
3.4 – Select and use resources
3.5 – Use effective classroom communication
4.1 – Support student participation
6.2 – Engage in professional learning and improve practice

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Games for Djembe- March 28th 2020 (am class)Games for Small Percussion- March 28th 2020 (pm class)Games for Djembe & Percussion- March 28th 2020 (am & pm class)West African Songs- June 13th 2020 (am class)West African Dance- June 13th 2020 (pm class)West African Songs & Dance- June 13th 2020 (am & pm class)Drumming for Social Connectivity- August 22nd (am class)Drumming for Mindfulness- August 22nd (pm class)Drumming for Social Connectivity & Mindfulness- August 22nd (am & pm class)

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