Young Drummers Pack

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We’ve put this pack together to give the aspiring young drummer everything they need to get going.

Studies show that young people who play instruments have increased aptitude. Drumming stimulates the learning centres of the brain, assisting in the development of motor skills, coordination & concentration – as well as encouraging creativity and being great fun.

Ideal for: 10yrs – 14yrs

RRP: $170.00

The Young Drummers Pack

50cm All Rounder Djembe or 50cm Plus All Rounder djembe
10″ African Drum Hat
Ankle Shaker
Crank It Up CD

Your choice of djembe finish; light or dark.

Your drum comes with a free AD Drum Care and Tuning Guide.

*Please note that these are Indonesian djembes and are not eligible for our flat shipping rate promotion.


  • Canvas Drum Hats

    AU $19.00AU $23.00
  • Practice Covers

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