Gifts for Kids

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  • Indo Series 40cm Junior Djembes in two sizes.

    40cm Junior Djembe

    AU $65.00AU $92.00
  • Ankle & Wrist Shakers

    AU $12.00AU $100.00
  • Djembe necklace

    AU $9.50AU $80.00
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    Djembe Pack

    Mini Djembe Pack

    AU $54.00
  • Ping Pong Shaker

    AU $12.00AU $90.00
  • The rain shaker is a great percussive instrument for kids and adults alike, producing an organic sound that complements any performance.

    Rain Shaker

    AU $24.00AU $100.00
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    djembe pack for teenagers - gift drum and bag

    Teen Smasher Pack

    AU $239.00AU $285.00