soundscape shaker pack
Pod Shaker

Pod Shaker

Juju Shaker

Juju Shaker

Woso Woso

Woso Woso

Kiss Kass

Kiss Kass

egg shaker percussion
pattern egg shaker (2)

Egg Shaker

maracas small
Mini Maracas (1)

Mini Maracas

small rainstick

Rainstick (Small): 20cm

Soundscape Shaker Pack

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Perfect for musicians, educators, and enthusiasts alike, this pack offers endless possibilities for adding dynamic textures and vibrant rhythms to your music.

Pod Shaker
Juju Shaker
Woso Woso
Medium Kiss Kass
Egg Shaker
Mini Maraca
Small Rainstick

Photos are for reference; the design of instruments may vary.

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More Details

Our percussion pack offers a diverse range of handheld instruments crafted to inspire musical exploration. Dive into rhythmic nuances with Pod Shaker, Juju Shaker, and Woso Woso, each providing distinct tonal qualities and rhythmic potential. Expand your compositions with the versatile Kiss Kass, renowned for its rich, resonant tones. Add texture to your music with Egg Shaker and Mini Maraca, perfect for layering rhythmic elements. Experience tranquility with the Rainstick, capturing the soothing ambiance of rainfall. Whether you’re a seasoned musician or an aspiring percussionist, our pack invites you to explore boundless avenues of creative expression and musical discovery.

How do these handheld percussion instruments differ in sound and usage?
Each instrument in our percussion pack offers a unique sound and texture, allowing for a wide range of musical expressions. From the subtle rustling of the Pod Shaker to the crisp, percussive tones of the Egg Shaker and Mini Maraca, each instrument can be used individually or in combination to create dynamic rhythms and melodies.

Are these instruments suitable for children and beginners?
Our percussion pack is designed to be accessible to musicians of all ages and skill levels. The lightweight and easy-to-handle design of the handheld instruments makes them perfect for children and beginners who are just starting their musical journey.

Can these instruments be used for live performances?
The portable nature of these handheld instruments makes them perfect for live performances. Whether you’re playing solo or with a group, this pack offers a versatile range of sounds and textures to enhance your live music experience. From intimate acoustic sets to energetic performances, these instruments are sure to captivate your audience and elevate your sound.

Do you have other wellness packs?
Yes, our Sound Healing Ensemble Pack and our Sound Healing Starter Pack are other options that could fit better your requirements.

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