Second Grade 60cm Indo Djembe

AU $175.00

Wood………………. Mahogany
Height……………..  60cm “The Classic”
Diameter…………  11″
Weight……………. 5.5kgs
Skin…………………  Goat skin (lime wash, not-irradiated!)
Suitable for…….. 10 yrs +

More Details

These are all new drums that have a few cosmetic issues – we check them thoroughly to then bring them to you at a great price. There is nothing wrong about their functionality with the exception of a few cosmetic blemishes and scuff marks. Overall it’s still a good drum and is fully covered by our standard warranty .

This djembe is the ideal size for young adults or for those looking for a smaller travellers drum. Check out the Teen Smasher Pack for a great package deal!

Your drum comes with a free AD Drum Care and Tuning Guide.

*Please note that these are Indonesian djembes and are not eligible for our flat shipping rate promotion. Each drum is unique, so external carvings and skin colour may vary. May or may not come with handle.

About Our Indo Series Djembes

We use high tensile, nylon-core yachting rope that won’t slip – once tuned correctly, your drum will stay tuned longer, and need less ongoing maintenance.

Our premium goat skins are natural and not irradiated or chemically treated, so they retain their natural oils, sound and durability.

With continued evolution in design and playability, our sustainably-sourced solid mahogany shells offer affordability without compromising on quality.

Our djembes have a well-rounded playing edge – our signature “Comfort Curve” – with rings and rope positioned perfectly for ease of play.

Comes with free Drum Care and Tuning Guides to help you get the most out of your drum

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