Second Grade – 13″ Burkina Shell – Taco

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A few scratches and bumps, and a crack repair BUT she will sing loud and proud

Country: Burkina Faso  //  Timber: Djala
Diameter: 12.75″  //  Height: 64cm
Weight: 9.1kg
Imperfection: Slight oval head, scuffs, bowl repair

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More Details

This Second Grade Djembe Shell was hand carved from Djala timber.

Djala is a very popular and attractive djembe hardwood. It is most commonly a rich, dark red colour when sanded and finished. Its high density gives it strong projection and carving styles usually bring out the tone.

All of our djembe shells come with a bottom ring and two matched top rings included. If you have a preference for looser or tighter rings, let us know in your order!

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