Ghana Series Bougarabou Shells – Choose Your Size

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These are the same top quality shells we use to build our Ghana Series Bougarabou. Now you can build your own bougarabou using these great value shells direct from Ghana. Gallery images are representative of product variations. Each shell is hand-carved and completely unique. Carvings will vary. Rings included with all shells.
See these shells being carved in our video below!

Country: Ghana  //  Timber: Twenaboa
Diameter: 11 – 13″  //  Height: 58 – 64cm
Weight: 3.5 – 5kg

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More Details

Our Ghana Series Bougarabou Shells are hand-carved in Ghana by expert woodworkers. The timber used is medium-density Twenaboa. The Ghanaian interior carving style is modern and angular. As a result, Ghanaian bougarabou tend to have wide heads and big dynamic range. Deep bass and rich, melodic tones are the signature sounds of a Ghana bougarabou. Carvers add their own artistic flair to the external carvings. For example, some use traditional Adinkra symbology. On the other hand, some carvers prefer abstract geometric designs. These are the same shells we use to build our Ghana Series Bougarabou. Each shell comes with top and bottom rings to fit.


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