Primo Series Canvas Drum Bags

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Our Primo Series canvas bags offer tough protection for your drum.
Made from hard-wearing canvas.

Water resistant, reinforced canvas
Storage pocket
Adjustable padded shoulder and waist straps

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More Details

Internal diameter at top of bag: 30cms | of the base: 20cms
Internal height of bag: 49cms

XL – Suitable for 11.5- 12.5″ drums
Internal diameter at top of bag: 32cms | of the base: 25cms
Internal height of bag: 64cms

XXL – Suitable for 12.5-13.5″ drums
Internal diameter at top of bag: 35cms | of the base: 27cms
Internal height of bag: 66cms

XXXL – Suitable for 13.5- 15″ drums
Internal diameter at top of bag: 38cms | of the base: 30cms
Internal height of bag: 68cms

While our bags are sturdy and designed to last the distance, they respond well when treated with a bit of care.
Some djembes are super heavy and can put a lot of strain on your new bag.
To get the longest use out of your bag, here are some helpful tips:
– Use the central carry handle when moving the bag around short distances
– When using the shoulder straps, pick up and carry the bag by both straps.

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