Djembefola Custom Bags

AU $230.00

Our latest and greatest Djembe bag! So many cool features and design elements you’ll be loving wrapping up your favourite djembe in one of these.

Hard wearing Cordura exterior
Multi adjustable padded shoulder straps
  Twin side pockets,
  Padded waist strap
  Carry handle
  Reinforced weatherproof hardtop and hard bottom disc insert
  Non slip bottom
  Heavy duty zips with front & top opening options.
  Breathable back cushioning.
  Front opening zip

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More Details

Currently available in XXL.
XXXL bags will arrive by June 2022.

XXL Specs
Suitable for 12.5″-13.5″ djembes (including hair on djembes).
Internal diameter at top of bag: 38cm | of the base: 28cm
Internal height of bag: 65cm

XXXL Specs
Designed for larger drums with a rubber tread or flared foot.
Suitable for 13.5” – 15” djembes
Internal diameter at top of bag: 40cm | Of the base: 33cm
Internal height of bag: 70cm

While our bags are sturdy and designed to last the distance, they respond well when treated with a bit of care.
Some djembes are super heavy and can put a lot of strain on your new bag.
To get the longest use out of your bag, here are some helpful tips:
 Use the central carry handle when moving the bag around short distances
 When using the shoulder straps, pick up and carry the bag by both straps.


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