Ogene Double Bells

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The Ogene or oghene is a type of bell which is commonly used as a “master instrument” in a bell orchestra in the Omambala River basin of the Igboland, Nigeria . It is an instrument of the struck idiophone class and is made of iron by specialist blacksmiths. The bell has a flattish, conical shape, and is hollow inside. The sound itself comes from the vibration of the iron body when struck, which is made to resound by the hollows inside of the paired bells. Comes complete with wooden striker (medium bell) or traditional rubber mallet (Large and XL Bells)

Medium:  approx. 28cm height x 18cm width
Large: approx. 40cm height x 30cm width
Extra Large: approx 50cm height x 40cm width

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Check out another very cool video featuring these bells!

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