Mini Handpan – E Akabono

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A mystical scale (originally found in Japan) in the enchanting key of E.
So much freedom and exploration available in the Akabono pans
The compact Mini Handpan is perfect for beginners or as a travel companion.

E Akabono scale: (E), E, G, C, E, B, F#

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The Akabono scale has no tonic or “root” note so any note in the scale can be used at the root.  Even though it only has 5 different notes, the ability of each one to be the root allows a tremendous amount of freedom and exploration.  This collection of notes is quite hypnotic, majestic, mysterious and almost enchanting and simultaneously haunting.

Inspired by the European hang drum, our Mini Handpans have 7 distinct note panels and ship with a protective backpack style bag.
With a strong Steel Pan drum flavour in their sound, these Mini Handpans are great for anyone wanting a smaller, compact size pan to add a rich, melodic sound to their ensemble.

We were stoked to recently land our first batch of Mini Handpans … it’s been a long journey to finally get the sound and texture we want in this compact version.
We are 100% sure you’ll love the brighter tonal quality and overall sound on this model

Tuning: E Akabono (Blue)


Dimensions…. 40cm x 17cm
Weight………… 2.5kg



We recommend using good quality headphones for all our sound grabs – they’re recorded at high fidelity for your listening pleasure!


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