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Optional Protective Hardcase

Optional Protective Hardcase

Master Series Stainless Steel Handpan – B Celtic

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B Celtic – B – F# – A – B – C# – D – E – F# – A

Inspired by old Celtic folk music, our new 9 notes B celtic handpan has a calm, romantic and slightly melancholic voice.
B Celtic has a beautiful, even spread of notes (the scale crosses 3 octaves), giving you lots of room to explore harmonies without fear of playing a “bad” note.
Made from stainless steel alloy which require less maintenance and the risk of corrosion.

Comes with a padded carry backpack, and you can also add an optional protective hardcase.

Dimensions: 57cm x 25cm
Weight: 6kg including backpack

See this handpan in action! Video below.