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Guinea Dun Set – The Business

AU $2,200.00

Surprisingly light weight set of gorgeous Guinean Lenke duns – the spirit wood of West Africa.
Tuned for melody and warmth.
This is your dun set for life.

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Country: Guinea  //  Wood: Lenke // Skin: Thick Aussie Cow
Dununba ….. Diameter: 16″  //  Height: 69cm  //  Weight: 17kg
Sangban …… Diameter: 13″  //  Height: 59cm  //  Weight: 10.2kg
Kenkeni …… Diameter: 11″  //  Height: 56cm  //  Weight: 7.3kg

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More Details

Lenke (Afzelia africana) is a premium djembe timber, striking the balance between density and weight. Often referred to as the spiritual wood, lenke is typically orange or deep yellow in colour and offers great projection and the full tonal range of sound. It is well-suited to bigger drums and often produces powerful bass.

About the Hide
Cow skins give duns their powerful voices and durability. Thick skins are rich and warm and once settled they have a very melodic quality. We take care to find the best hide for the shell to maximise its dynamic range.

Comes with free Drum Care and Tuning Guides to help you get the most out of your drums!


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