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Guinea Series Dun Shells – Nimba

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Golden hardwood shells with traditional Nimba carvings
Nimba represents the mother of fertility, protector of pregnant women, and presides over all agricultural ceremonies.

Country: Guinea  //  Wood: Melina
Dununba… Diameter: 16″  //  Height: 71cm  //  Weight: 9.8kg
Sangban… Diameter: 12.75″  //  Height: 60.5cm  //  Weight: 4.9kg
Kenkeni… Diameter: 10.25″  //  Height: 55cm  //  Weight: 3.5kg

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About the shells
Melina, also known as bois de blanc, is a golden hardwood from West Africa. It’s density produces all the rich sounds you’d expect in a hardwood with a balance of lighter weight.


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