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Making our Afro Conga Set ๐Ÿช˜

By May 23, 2024Blog

Today we are taking you inside our workshop to see how we turn beautiful shells into stunning hand drums.
This African set of Congas was hand carved in Guinea from prized Lenke timber.
When they arrived at our workshop they were just shells.
Here is how we turn them into world class drums:

Step 1 – Carving an edge for the rope ring
Step 2 – Sanding the shells
Step 3 – Adding rings for the roping system
Step 4 – Coating the shells will Danish oil
Step 5 – Adding the top ring
Step 6 – Putting on new skins and rope
Step 7 – Tuning the drums
Step 8 – Give it a play and enjoy!

Our workshop produces hundreds of drums every year from all over West Africa.
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Take a look at the shell transformation from our workshop ๐Ÿ‘‡