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Drumming Facilitation Tips ✅

By March 6, 2024Blog

Facilitating African drumming can be a rich and rewarding experience.
Here are some tips to help you create an engaging and enjoyable drumming session:

Start with a Warm-Up:
Begin with a simple rhythm to help participants get comfortable with the drums and each other.

Focus on Rhythm, Not Technique:
Encourage participants to focus on feeling the rhythm rather than worrying about playing perfectly.

teacher facilitation tips

Call and Response:
Use call and response patterns to teach rhythms. Play a rhythm and have participants repeat it back to you.

Use Body Percussion:
Incorporate body percussion to help participants internalise rhythms before playing them on the drums.
*Adding in vocal sounds can be a great ice breaker to get the group relaxed and warmed up.

Encourage Creativity:
Allow participants to improvise and add their own flair to the rhythms you teach.

Emphasise Listening:
Encourage participants to listen to each other and play in sync with the group.

Use your Voice:
Use vocalisations such as “doum,” “tek,” and “ka” to help participants learn rhythms and stay in time.

Keep It Fun:
Drumming should be a joyful experience. Keep the atmosphere light and encourage participants to enjoy themselves.

End with a Jam Session:
Finish the session with a group jam session where participants can freely play and improvise together.

Be patient and encouraging, especially with beginners. The goal is to create a supportive and inclusive environment where everyone feels comfortable expressing themselves through drumming.

Provide Context:
Share some information about the African cultural and historical significance of the rhythms you are teaching to deepen participants’ understanding and appreciation.

More Resources:
You can take your facilitating to the next level with our Teacher Training Courses.