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🪘 Drum Highlight: Dunun

By June 14, 2023Blog

Dunun Drums

Dunun (also known as dundun and doundoun) are the bass drums of the West African ensemble, named by the Mandé blacksmiths.

The drums were developed alongside the djembe in the Mande drum ensemble. Dunun patterns are the heart of a rhythm – while the djembe and hand drum parts are often interchangeable, the dunun pattern is unique.

A set comprises of these 3 drums:
🪘Kenkeni – smallest and highest pitch drum
🪘Sangban – middle sized and pitched drum
🪘Dununba – largest and deepest pitched drum

We stock a huge range of duns, from light weight mini & stumpy duns which are perfect for kids and school programs right up to pro-level hardwood duns from across the West African region.