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By September 7, 2021Blog
West African djembes

Here are some of our favourite facts about the West African djembe…


1. The most prized djembe wood is lenke, known for its superior spiritual properties.
2. A master djembe player is called a djembefola. Notable djembefolas include Mamady Keïta from Guinea, Abdoulaye Diakité from Senegal and Yamadu Bani Dunbia from Mali.
3. The Bambara word “djembe” translates to “everyone gather together in peace.”
4. Traditionally, the djembe was used as a form of communication between tribes as its resonance could reach long distances.
5. The djembe is said to consist of three spirits: the spirit of the tree from which it was made, the spirit of the animal whose skin covers the head, and the spirit of the drum maker.
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