Why African Drumming?

African drumming is both a feel-good activity and a learning tool. Students walk away feeling energised with a sense of participation and the satisfaction of being creative in a loud (but positive) way. Group drumming teaches the benefits of working as a team, and the benefits of both risk taking and trusting one another. It’s both an individual experience of self expression and a communal experience of achievement through group harmony, and studies have shown the stress relieving and often healing effects that  drumming has

We teach rhythms which are instantly accessible and give a real and immediate sense of achievement that builds confidence. It’s something to be experienced


  • Create a fun, non-intimidating environment which inspires learning,
  • participation and is free of social barriers
  • Provide a hands-on multicultural experience
  • Introduce basic rhythmic concepts though African drumming, singing,
  • dancing and body percussion

Typical Workshop Format

This a basic idea of how our standard school workshops are usually run. We can easily tailor our sessions to suit your aims and vision

We start with a short, energised performance to get everyone excited about the music

After briefly introducing ourselves and the instruments, we rip into the drumming. We warm up with a few rhythmic exercises which challenge and entertain before getting some polyrhythm happening. Time and class sizes permitting, we’ll get the kids to do a little freestyling too! Next we follow with dance. The idea is to replicate the way that drum and dance are intertwined in African culture: where there is drumming there is dancing! We show the kids some traditional and contemporary African Dance steps and incorporate some chanting and song as well

To wrap it up, we talk about the history and culture of the West African music and allow for question time

We focus on making the workshops as inclusive as possible, allowing the students to freely express themselves and have lots of fun!


Workshop and Performance Examples

Formats include one off workshops right through to full day programs with sessions across all year levels

  • A workshop for a single class or year level
  • Series of 50 minute Workshops to cater for several year levels
  • Big, high energy Drum and Dance concert at an assembly for the whole school to enjoy
  • Advanced classes for school percussion ensemble or music students
  • 6 – 10 week Programmes
school drumming


Maximise the potential learning outcomes of studying African drum and dance by integrating a 6 to 10 week Programme into your curriculum. Suitable for all ages. Each week we layer, refine and practice rhythms, songs and dances, building towards a memorable high energy student concert!

Basic Programme Aims:

  • Introduce basic musical concepts
  • Connect students through inclusive community music
  • Learn African Drumming, Singing & Dancing techniques
  • Develop a performance piece that can be showcased at a school concert at the end of the programme

Bookings & Enquires

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