Our School workshops are a positive, energetic, and creative musical experience.

Offering single sessions, 4 week – full term Programmes, whole school events, staff team builders, fetes and more, we are very experienced and can deliver to any mandate. We bring along drums and shakers for everyone. We understand the difference in learning capabilities for different age groups and tailor our sessions accordingly

What we offer in our sessions

A memorable journey of West African musical culture that lets students share in a creative learning experience.
We usually deliver a mix of drumming, dancing and singing but we’re always adaptable and can change it up to suit your aims and specifications.

A cultural experience

Our education in cultural awareness happens every day, but a purposeful hands-on experience that truly engages is special. Our facilitators come dressed in traditional clothing and keen to introduce kids to West African culture.

Single Sessions

Our single session workshops offer drumming, dancing and singing as standard, though we can easily adapt to suit your specifications. All of our facilitators are experienced and unique performers, each with their own story and style. Usually, we kick off with a short performance and introduce ourselves, getting everyone excited about the music. We move into the fun quickly with drumming, teaching African rhythms, musical games, and a great jam. We’ll get them grooving too, with some tribal dancing and singing included along the way. At the end of the session we have question time, where students can ask the facilitator about their background, culture, music and about Africa.


Maximise the potential learning outcomes of studying African drum and dance by integrating a 4 week to full term Programme into your curriculum. Our Programmes are suitable for all ages and abilities. Focusing on an African performance piece, we develop the ensemble, practising technique and dexterity, adding song, and building towards a memorable high-energy student concert! Under the guidance of an experienced teacher, Programmes offer students the chance to learn an instrument, be a part of a group in a meaningful and active way, and does wonders for their self esteem and confidence. Showcasing their piece at a school concert at the end of the Programme provides an important sense of visibility and accomplishment.


Maximise the potential learning outcomes of studying African drum and dance by integrating a 6 to 10 week Programme into your curriculum. Suitable for all ages. Each week we layer, refine and practice rhythms, songs and dances, building towards a memorable high energy student concert!

Basic Programme Aims:

  • Introduce basic musical concepts
  • Connect students through inclusive community music
  • Learn African Drumming, Singing & Dancing techniques
  • Develop a performance piece that can be showcased at a school concert at the end of the programme

Bookings & Enquires

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