Why shop with us?

Quality & range

*We ensure the highest quality of our instruments & only use authentic materials for our djembes & duns, avoiding synthetic materials to remain genuine to the sounds & culture of West Africa

*We have worked with our West African drum makers for many years, fostering relationships with them & their families, learning their story, and supporting their work & heritage. 

*We offer the biggest range of West African percussion in Australia, with a variety of sizes and rates, including 2nd grade drums under 100% warranty

*Our Indonesian drums are made from new growth, ecologically sustainable timbers

*Huge range of accessories and add-ons: bags, straps, stands & more!

*Huge range of traditional West African tuned instruments including strings, wind and membraphones (balafon, marimba)

*Huge range of music resources including educational books, CDs, DVDs and online training material.

* You can design your own djembe – or even make it yourself at our Melbourne workshop under the guidance of our drum maker Bruno

Advice & Support 

*Our team is always happy to offer professional advice and answer your questions.

*We provide helpful resources, free tuning & maintenance guide, and more

*You can visit our St.Kilda shop for further advice and road test all our instruments in our custom designed drumming studio


*Same day shipping for orders made by 3pm on weekdays.

*Flexible payments: Hire to buy, layby.

*Djembe upgrades: we will give you a discount for your old djembe to update for an even better one.

*We offer a lifetime of free tuning services for African djembes.