Happy steel tongue drum
Happy drum - C Pygmy (2)
Happy steel tongue drum
Happy drum - C Pygmy (1)
Happy steel tongue drum
Happy drum - C Pygmy (4)

Tutorial Video – Steel Tongue Drum – C Pygmy

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Welcome to this comprehensive 10-minute tutorial on playing the steel tongue drum!

Whether you’re a beginner or looking to refine your skills, this tutorial will guide you through the basics and provide hands-on examples to elevate your playing.

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What is the C Pygmy Pentatonic scale?
C Pygmy Pentatonic – (C), D, D#, A#, G, C

The C Pygmy Pentatonic scale is a pentatonic variation of the C Pygmy scale, featuring five notes. Starting on C, the scale includes the notes C, D, D#, A#, and G. This scale produces a distinctive and evocative sound, blending elements of the Pygmy scale with the simplicity of a pentatonic structure.

Musicians often find the C Pygmy Pentatonic scale appealing for creating atmospheric and exotic melodies. Its unique character makes it a compelling choice for those exploring diverse musical styles and seeking a distinct tonal palette.

Do you offer the C Major Pentatonic tuning?
Yes we do! You can get the C Major Pentatonic steel tongue drum here.

Do you offer other steel tongue drum tunings?
We offer a variety of tunings for the steel tongue drums range, including mini steel tongue drums.
You can view the range here.


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