yoruba talking drum
Large Yoruba (3)
Large Yoruba (2)
medium yoruba talking drum
Medium yoruba (1)
Medium yoruba (2)
Medium yoruba (3)
Yoruba Talking Drum Iya Ilu (1)

Ila Ayu with bells

Yoruba Talking Drum Iya Ilu (2)
Yoruba Talking Drum Iya Ilu (3)
Yoruba Talking Drum Iya Ilu (4)
Yoruba Talking Drum Iya Ilu (5)
Yoruba Talking Drum Iya Ilu (6)

Yoruba Talking Drum – Nigeria

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The authentic talking drum, handmade in Nigeria. Medium sized drum is called “Gangan” and the larger drum is the mother of drums called “Iya Ilu”.
Thin, responsive goat skin, hardwood shell and thick gut cord for high-tension playing! It comes complete with shoulder strap and traditional wooden striker.

See this instrument in action in our video below!

As these instruments are hand made, dimensions may vary slightly.

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More Details

The Yoruba talking drum is an hourglass-shaped talking drum from Nigeria, made by the Yoruba people. Its sound mimics human speech and can be very complex.
This double-skinned instrument is held under one arm and played by the other with a curved stick. To adjust the pitch, squeeze the drum under the arm while playing. A skilled player can play many whole phrases by using advanced techniques.

Medium (Gangan) – 22cm diam x  32cm length
Large (lya Ilu) –  26cm diam x 44cm length


We recommend using good quality headphones for all our sound grabs – they’re recorded at high fidelity for your listening pleasure!


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