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Master Series Bag

Master Series Bag

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Zip Cotton Drum Bag

Sombaty – Mother of Pearl Temple Artisan

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An instrument for life from legendary instrument makers Gawharet El Fan!
With a larger head size and more height, the Sombaty produces deeper bass notes than the Darbuka and more powerful Tek sounds. The increased playing area of the Sombaty allows for a broader range of sounds than the smaller Darbuka.
Designed with the professional player in mind, the Sombaty will challenge your technique and provide many rewarding hours of playing on the learning journey or once mastered.

The Temple Artisan Sombaty is from our premium Artisan Designs collection.
This is a true work of art, a tapestry emblazoned upon a Darbuka instrument of beauty.
This is one of our Export Grade Sombaty Darbuka drums. This means you can take advantage of an immaculate finish, eye-catching design, and unbeatable sound quality.

Diameter: 23cm Skin/ 30cm Head
Height: 47cm  //  Weight: 5.4kg
Inner Shell Material: Aluminium.
Outer Shell: White mother of pearl (Nacre ) Blue Mother of Pearl (abalone)

Comes with tuning key, satin head sleeve and light weight satin bag.

Optional add on: we recommend you purchase a zip bag or master series bag to protect your Darbuka.

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