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Mystical sounds of the Sahel. One of the oldest stringed instruments known to man
-Melina neck and tuning pegs
-Horsehair bow
-Wooden bridge
Resonating calabash & goat skin.

Approximate Dimensions (L x W x H):  22cm x 25cm x 65cm

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Also known as the n’diaraka or njarka in Songhai, the Soku is a rare and ancient traditional West African fiddle. It features in Wassoulou music of southwest Mali.

Hand made in Bobo Dialasso, Burkina Faso, it is constructed of a wooden bridge, resonating calabash, goat skin and a single thread (composed of many smaller fibres). It wails a feminine vocal melody.

Approximate Dimensions (L x W x H):  25cm x 25cm x 50cm
As these instruments are hand made from natural materials dimensions may vary slightly


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