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Master Series Bag

Master Series Bag

Zip Cotton Drum Bag

Zip Cotton Drum Bag

Darbuka – Orchid Ruby

AU $590.00AU $675.00

A striking Pro-level Darbuka from Egyptian master darbuka makers Gawharet El Fan.
Featuring a cast aluminium shell, signature shape, and dazzling mother of pearl exterior design.
Deep bass notes and a range of bright tek sounds across the drum.
Available in a range of design patterns.

This drum sports pools of fiery red Mother of Pearl which contrast against the silver-gold Mother of Pearl tiles, each colour standing out bright and bold thanks to carefully placed black highlights. A stunning, eye-catching Darbuka instrument.

Diameter: 22cm Skin/28cm Head
Height: 45cm // Weight: 4.2kg
Inner Shell Material: Aluminium
Outer Shell: White mother of pearl coloured gloss

Comes with tuning key, satin head sleeve and light weight satin bag.

Optional add on: we recommend you purchase a zip bag or master series bag to protect your Darbuka.