Rope – 4mm Standard

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High-quality yachting rope by the metre or 200m spool for Djembes, Bougarabou and Dunun.

This 4mm standard rope is suitable for both ring hitches and verticals on smaller djembes (up to around 11″ in diameter) and for ring hitches on larger drums. We recommend our 5mm Standard Rope or 5mm Premium Rope for the verticals of larger drums.

Making lots of drums? Get a better deal when you buy a 200m spool!

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Rope Guide
Trying to figure out how much rope you’ll need for your drum? These are the approximate lengths of rope we use for our djembes. If the bowl is large, you may want to add more.

10″……… 15m for verticals, 12m for rings (top and bottom)
11″……… 16m for verticals, 14m for rings (top and bottom)

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