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Riq – Lightning

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Superb quality Riq from legendary instrument makers Gawharet El Fan!
Copper zills and synthetic head provide the classic clean and vibrant sound.
Blue and green-tinted Mother of Pearl pieces are meticulously added to the exterior of each Riq during the crafting process.

Diameter: 24cm Skin / 35cm Case
Height: 6cm Riq / 10cm case //  Weight: 1kg plus 1.5kg for the case
Inner Shell Material: Timber
Outer Shell: White mother of pearl (Nacre) Blue Mother of Pearl (abalone)
Zills: Copper
Comes with padded carry case and tuning key

Watch this Riq in Video action below >>

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We are honoured to be stocking an exclusive range of Middle Eastern Percussion from legendary instrument makers Gawharet El Fan.
The pro level sounds of their instrument range is matched by the signature mother of pearl designs Gawharet El Fan are renowned for.

The Riq is an instrument similar to the tambourine which is used in middle eastern ensembles to “conduct” the music.
Spelt Riqq or Rik, or written in Arabic as ریق. It is also known as a Tef in Turkish music and as Daf in Iran.
The Riq is an important instrument throughout the Arab speaking world, as well as countries such as Greece.
Holding the Riq is a little tricky in the beginning. You open your left hand and place the instrument between your thumb and index finger. The thumb is placed on the back of one jingle pair, and the index finger holds the drum at the edge of the skin. It is not a question of force but of balance.

Watch this instrument in action


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