F pygmy handpan
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Handpan MS F low Pigmy(SS) (2)
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Optional Protective Hardcase

Optional Protective Hardcase

Master Series Stainless Steel Handpan – F Pygmy

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F Pygmy – F3, G3, G#3, C4, Eb, F4, G4, G#, F2(DING)

Pygmy is a pentatonic minor scale. Pentatonic musical scales are the most used in ancient and oriental cultures. It has an easygoing deep mood and is super easy to find some alluring melodies. The central Ding is low and brooding!
Made from stainless steel alloy which require less maintenance and the risk of corrosion.

Comes with protective edge banding & a padded carry backpack, and you can also add an optional protective hardcase.

Dimensions: 57cm x 25cm
Weight: 6kg including backpack

See this handpan in action! Video below.