Master Series E Paradiso Handpan drum, made from first grade pressed iron and have a larger volume, to help its resonance. Inspired by the hang drum, we have a range of hanpan drums for sale
Quality sturdy black handpan drum bag with handles
Quality sturdy black handpan drum bag with handles
Primo Series Handpan - D Gudu - The handpan has a rich, intimate sound, full of emotion
handpan-ms-D gudu-I
Optional Protective Hardcase

Optional Protective Hardcase

Master Series Handpan – D Gudu

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The Gudu as a natural minor scale, and a variation on the D Integral tuning. In the Gudu scale, the A# is removed, and a G added between the F and A tones. The resulting balance places more emphasis on the higher register of the scale, lightening the mood somewhat while retaining the overall character of the D minor scale.

Gudu Scale – (D), A, C, D, E, F, G, A

Dimensions: 57cm x 25cm
Weight: 6kg including backpack

Comes with a padded carry backpack, and you can also add an optional protective hardcase.

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