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Kora / N’goni Cordura Bags

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Want to make your Kora or N’goni more portable?
These bags are great for transportation and providing protection.
Made from heavy duty cordura material finished off with a rasta stripe and the African map.
Features extra padding and reinforced adjustable straps.

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More Details

Cordura® is a synthetic (or sometimes a synthetic and cotton based blend) fabric that is strong and durable. It’s interesting history and unique qualities make it a high caliber fabric for a multitude of projects. Cordura is 100% water proof, non-porous, and water beads up and rolls off. Cordura® is also self extinguishing and will not act as an accelerant in a fire.


XXS         – 35cm x 110cm     height from back to bridge – 35cm
XS            – 35cm x 125cm     height from back to bridge – 35cm
Small       – 42cm x 144cm     height from back to bridge – 42cm
Medium  –  52cm x 148cm    height from back to bridge – 50cm
Large       – 56cm x 160cm     height from back to bridge – 52cm