Kalimba – Burkina Gourd

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Kalimba, also known as thumb piano, mbira njari and zanzu, is an African medolic resonator featuring tunable tines. Their history extends back thousands of years and they have proven popular across many African cultures

The pitch of the tines can be tuned by moving them towards or away from the bridge. When a tine is plucked, the adjacent tines also vibrate, increasing the harmonic complexity of an individual note in an interesting and pleasant way

These Kalimba have been handmade in Accra, Ghana and feature various village scenes flame-etched into the wooden face. They are made of calabash (gourds) and have anywhere from 5 – 7 keys.

Approx: 17cm x 17cm x 8cm

As these instruments are handmade dimensions vary slightly
Sale for one Burkina Gourd Kalimba only; pictures provided for reference

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