small duns shells, hand carved from African wood
Stumpy Dun Shells (4)
Stumpy Dun Shells (3)
Stumpy Dun Shells (2)

Ghana Stumpy Dun Shells

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Pocked sized stumpy shells

Country: Ghana  //  Wood: Twenaboa
Dununba…… Diameter: 15″  //  Height: 32cm // Weight 3.6kg
Sangban…… Diameter: 13″  //  Height: 30cm // Weight 2.8kg
Kenkeni…… Diameter: 11″  //  Height: 29cm // Weight 2.4 kg

Please note – sets are all uniquely hand carved so measurements may vary slightly.
Comes with rings to fit.

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About the shells
Our pocked sized stumpy sets are the perfect solution for lightweight portability but still offering a deep bass sound.
These shells offer a lovely blank canvas that would suit a minimalist or someone looking to work their own carvings.

Twenaboa is a medium density timber with a golden grain.


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