twenaboa ghana djembe shell
twenaboa ghana djembe shell
GH-shell-0005 - Salaga (3)
twenaboa ghana djembe shell
GH-shell-0005 - Salaga (2)

Ghana Series – 12.5″ Ghana Shell – Salaga

AU $220.00

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Country: Ghana  //  Timber: Twenaboa
Diameter: 12.5″  //  Height: 62cm
Weight: 6.8kg

All our shells ship with three 8mm rings to suit.

Only 1 left in stock

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More Details

Our Ghana Series Djembe Shells are hand-carved in Ghana by expert woodworkers. The timber used is versatile medium-density Twenaboa. The Ghanaian carving style draws from other West-African styles and results in djembes with big dynamic range. Bright slaps and deep bass are the signature sounds of a Ghana djembe.


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