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Genta Ceremony Bell – Gold

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Gold Nawa Genta bell – The Sacred Bell
The piercing rings of the genta are heard at every ceremony, big or small.
Held in the left hand of the Balinese Hindu priests, and accompanying the chants and mantras, the genta is a vehicle for prayer.
Made from thick metallic composite of Brass, bronze and copper with traditional artistic designs
Comes with fabric pouch.

Height 21cm,  Width 7.5cm


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In Balinese culture the Genta is a sacred object, only to be used by those who have completed the mawinten ceremonies, a cleansing rite of passage for those entering the religious realm, to become priests and scholars. The genta is said to be the weapon of the lord Iswara.
The sound – or rather the spiritual vibration created – connects the three realms and is heard by those that dwell within them: bhuana loka (human realm), bhur loka (lower realm) and swah loka (heavenly realm). Thus, prayers are able to reach their destination. It is said to represent OM, or AUM (Ang Ung Mang – Brahma Wisnya Siwa), and thus the singular God of Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa, connecting those praying to the Almighty.
The shape of the bell itself is important, including a stupa (the bottom bell), a handle with seven rings, a lingga at the top and four hooks. These are all symbolic.
The sound of the genta is one of the Five Sounds necessary in ceremonies, including the sound of the kulkul bell, chanting or song, gamelan, genta and mantras.
The philosophy of the genta alone is deep and complex, and the above only scratches the surface.

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