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Djembe Shell: Master Series – Guinea 13.5 – Dub Love

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Raw shell as it came from Guinea.
Slightly taller 100% heartwood dougarra – beast of a shell at 12.4kg.
Grain patterns will be awesome with sanding or buff with shea for matt finish
Edges spoke shaved

Country: Guinea  //  Timber: Dougara
Diameter: 13.5″  //  Height: 65cm
Weight: 12.4kg

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More Details

Our Master Series Djembe Shells are hand selected from the very best offered by our favourite carvers in West Africa. We only choose shells with immaculate timber, beautiful grain, and excellent symmetry. They must also be 90% heartwood or more, so that they provide the best possible projection and volume. Once they arrive in our shop, these shells receive the full treatment. First they are sanded to a smooth finish, with extra attention paid to the bearing edge. Some receive decorative tacks to add some sparkle, and others will have a protective rubber foot added to the base. Lastly, they are given several coats of natural oil to protect them from the elements and bring out the best of their beautiful grain. After that, it’s up to you to give them the voice you’ve always dreamed of.

This Master Series Djembe Shell was hand carved from Dougara timber. Dougara is a rarer yet popular timber, similar to lenke in density but typically carved lighter. This wood usually has lighter chocolate brown tones and features a wide tonal range of sound, usually sounding somewhere between a lenke and a khadi Guinea carve.

All of our djembe shells come with a bottom ring and two matched top rings included. If you have a preference for looser or tighter rings, let us know in your order!

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