Darbuka – Cairo

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The classic entry level Darbuka from Egyptian master darbuka makers Gawharet El Fan.
Cast aluminium shell and signature design shape make it a popular model for up and coming players.
Deep bass notes and a range of bright tek sounds across the drum.
Available in 3 distinct colours: Bronze, silver, and gold.

Diameter: 22cm Skin/28cm Head
Height: 45cm // Weight: 4.2kg

Inner Shell Material: Aluminium

Optional add on: we recommend you purchase a zip bag or master series bag to protect your Darbuka.

Watch this instrument in action below

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More Details

We are honoured to be stocking an exclusive range of Middle Eastern Percussion from legendary instrument makers Gawharet El Fan.
The pro level sounds of their instrument range is matched by the signature mother of pearl designs Gawharet El Fan are renowned for.

The origin of the term Darbuka probably lies in the Arabic word “daraba” (“to strike”). Goblet drums have been around for thousands of years, used in Mesopotamian and Ancient Egyptian cultures. They were seen in Babylonia and Sumer, from as early as 1100 BCE.

The darbuka may be played while held under one arm (usually the non-dominant arm) or by placing it sideways upon the lap (with the head towards the player’s knees) while seated. Some drums are also made with strap mounts so the drum may be slung over the shoulder, to facilitate playing while standing or dancing. It produces a resonant, low-sustain sound while played lightly with the fingertips and palm. Some players move their fists in and out of the bell to alter the tone. Some players also place their hands on the surface of the drum to produce a muted sound.





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