Lobi Traore – Barra Coura (CD)

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Lobi Traore: Barra Coura

Lobi Traore’s first acoustic album unleashes cut after cut of raw, grimy Malian blues. The soul of his voice, seasoned by years in the clubs of Bamako, is complimented only by rhythm guitar and his own gritty, solos. Another fabulous chronicle in the life of the bluesman, and his first release with KSK, is a chance for his fans to hear him acoustically, and leaves no doubt as to why he has been heralded by such blues giants as Ali Farka Toure and Bonnie Raitt.

1. Maaya: Humanly Ties
2. Bamaku Noe
3. Yoyayo
4. Maa Ti Laban DonL Nobody Knows His End
5. A’ N’ Devie N’ Kungo La: Help Me With My Problems
6. Kono Bird
7. N’Badenw: We Share the Same Mother
8. Janto Yerela: Take Care of Yourself
9. N’aw Ma Dayele: Please Open the Door


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