Bassidi Kone- Bwazan- Denbagnuma (CD)

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2016 Release from Bamako’s hottest Ensemble Bwazan

Lead by Bassidi Kone
Today, Bwazan is recognised as one of the globe’s leading percussion groups. Ambassadors of their musical heritage, they promote a message of peace and solidarity throughout the world. More information about Bwazan and their current projects and events can be found at

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1. An Ka Foli Ke
2. Bwazan Denw
3. Nana Be Sia
4. Loyi Yara
5. Dem Ba Gnuma
6. Yan Kanho
7. Miwe Hoye
8. Ting Poroko
9. Djamako
10. Foli
11. Bi Mogoya
12. Sodou Bani
13. Soli
14. Denko

Bassidi Koné is of Bwa ethnicity and was born into a Griot family in the San region of central Mali. His earliest memories are of growing up beside his father’s primary instrument, the balafon (a gourd-resonated vibraphone), which instilled in him his forefathers’ traditional village songs and rhythms passed down through many generations. Since these early childhood experiences, Bassidi carried on this rich musical heritage and legacy with the greatest of respect through the study of the balafon and barra (gourd drum).

After moving to Kati, Bamako, at thirteen, Bassidi regularly performed with his father; playing accompaniment on the barra for his father’s balafon. It was at one of these performances that Bassidi met Koninba Bagayogo, a chance meeting that profoundly influenced Bassidi’s musical career as a percussionist. Impressed by Bassidi’s skill playing the barra, Koninba invited Bassidito to become his apprentice on the djembe (hand drum). Playing alongside this master djembe player, the young Bassidi quickly extended his knowledge and skill.

Throughout his teenage years and early 20’s, Bassidi’s clear resolve and unmatched determination to reach his full potential as a djembe player caught Mali’s attention. He distinguished himself through his innovative solo lead playing and technical virtuosity at a number of prominent international young talent competitions.

Defending his rich Bwa heritage, Bassidi founded his family-based percussion troupe, Bwazan (Bobo children), in 2005.


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